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12747946_10153445787982194_4836727978681230856_oFor over 50 years, IPC has served the people of the Bellflower and surrounding communities.  When the people of God assemble themselves together, Jesus meets with His church and administers healing to those hurting, strength to the weak, courage to the discouraged, comfort to those disappointed, deliverance to those bound, and victory and power to all in need.

IPC exists to exalt Jesus, equip and edify the believers, and evangelize the lost.  With such high purposes for our church life, we believe in you the individual, that you also have a great purpose in God.  Our church family also exists then to help you reach your potential in God and accomplish great exploits for Him as was prophesied for you (Daniel 11:32).

As you browse the pages of this website, we trust that you will enjoy a taste of our church life.  The 44 different nationalities of people that assemble to worship the One true God blend into an unique environment that results in a powerful anointing and gloriously charged atmosphere.  Certainly God’s glory saturates that surroundings and creates a holy ambiance of His Spirit.  Of little wonder, many miracles occur as God impacts and changes lives by His holy presence.

Hopefully, you will also notice the sincerity and devotion of God’s people that labor in this Los Angeles vineyard.  Half-hearted commitments produce faint hearts that fail to resist the strong attack from evil; hence God’s people here live completely devoted to Him as powerful overcomers and testimonies of God’s great grace.  They believe in living a consistent consecrated life 24-7.  Their wholehearted devotion shines forth in their desire to please God, their hunger for the things of God, and their desire to see others reached with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy God’s blessings with us as you ponder these pages and consider God’s grace and goodness that He freely gives to humankind.  Come celebrate with us God’s glory and love at your earliest convenience.

A Brief History of the United Pentecostal Church International

In Acts 2, the Bible records the initial outpouring of the Holy Ghost on those gathered in an upper room in Jerusalem. On January 1, 1901, God poured out this same gift on a group of Bible School students in Topeka, Kansas.

From Topeka revival spread to Texas and then to California. In April 1905, a building was rented on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. It was from here that the Pentecostal experience literally spread to the four corners of the world as missionaries and religious workers were filled with the Spirit.

Recognizing the need for a united effort to reach the world with the gospel, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ and the Pentecostal Church, Inc., merged in 1945 to form the United Pentecostal Church. The word “International” was added in 1972.

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