A.C.T.S and R&R Study Groups

The goal of the A.C.T.S (Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) and R&R (Release and Refocus) programs is to help individuals with addictions, anger, and domestic violence problems regain their freedom.

These programs are faith-based. The study groups meet on the following days at International Pentecostal Church:

A.C.T.S (Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series)
This group is for people who are struggling with alcohol and other chemical-related addictions

Meet up days:
Mondays,  7- 9 pm

R & R (Release and Refocus) – Anger and Domestic Violence.
This program is for people that are struggling with anger and domestic violence.

Meet up days:
Mondays,  7- 8 pm



For more information, please contact the program director or use the form below to send your message:

Bro. Joe R. Sanchez
Phone: 562-346-8462


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