IPC Shop Fundraiser

The terms “unique” and “breakthrough” have been used so much they have lost their true meaning.  But that’s what we have,  a unique system that will generate revenue for non profits and churches and will drive revenue to businesses.

This is such an expansive business landscape that we must divide the “Learn More” area into four categories.  We are here to help you grow.

In this system, EVERYONE WINS.

There is no down-side. No business category is “paying the freight” for any other category – a unique win-win-win-win methodology.   We encourage you to study our programs – they WILL help you!  Click below on your specific area of interest. Expect detail and depth, not hype and hyperbole.

The concept of linking non profit organizations and retailers, for the benefit of each, is not a new idea. However, we have taken this concept the the next level through unique technology.   We are also the first company to identify and monetize activity for the benefit of the collective group.   This helped us create the first Affinity Group/Service Provider Lead Generation System in existence.

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