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The Story of Easter

"The Story of Easter"

The story of Easter is retold by millions each year: the cross, the burial, the resurrection – a familiar account of redemptive love. As Jesus’ story was being written, there were other stories that were so intricately intertwined with the Messiah that they still impact us today. A pitiful friendless soul, a family full of faith but also struck with tragedy, a traitor, a rich man, a seeker, a mourner…all of their lives have a common storyline: Jesus. As we hear their account of these people whose lives were changed when Jesus entered their stories, it makes us wonder… do I have a story to tell?

Easter Kingdom Kidz

Easter Eggstravaganza

Immediately after our Easter Musical, we’ll be hosting an Easter Eggstravaganza! There will be egg hunts, food, vendors, jumpers, prizes, and more. Everyone is welcome to bring their food, chairs, tents, and anything else that will help you comfortable and be prepared to enjoy a full day of family time! In addition, we’re having train rides for the kids.

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