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Sexual Integrity & Purity Group

Free Indeed

Our purpose is to support and encourage each other for sexual integrity and sexual purity. Our mission is to challenge each other toward growth and to succeed.

Young Men: Monday 7:00PM
Women: Tuesday 7:00PM
Men: Thursday 7:00PM
Young Ladies:  TBA

Free Indeed: Our Purpose and Mission

Embracing the Challenge, Together

Sexually Compulsive Behavior, clinically referred to as Sexual Addiction, is a multi-faceted problem with roots sourced deep in the spiritual, emotional, cognitive, relational and physical functioning of an individual. All of these areas must be fully assessed and treated in order for the individual to begin their recovery journey.

A Healthy Support Group

As a healthy Support Group, we ask pointed questions. If our group is only a social hang-out with no challenges, that’s not a healthy group!

Challenge & Confrontation = We care about you!

Here are a few ground rules for our support group.

1. We practice confidentiality. We protect confidentiality. We build trust by being trustworthy.

We don’t tell other people what is shared here. We keep each other anonymous.

2. We listen carefully. We don’t interrupt or grab attention by inserting jokes.
3. We don’t talk too long. We make room for those who speak up less often.

Consideration promotes growth in oneself.

4. We understand that advice is not always welcome. We avoid pressing our feedback on others. We focus on OUR issues: NOT on THEIR issues.
5. We don’t cross-talk during our group discussions. We don’t use “street talk.”
6. We abide by the Golden Rule: treating others as we want to be treated.
7. We give each other permission to share, or not share;

To read aloud, or not read aloud,
To pray aloud, or not pray aloud

8. We remind each other of these rules whenever needed.