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Wow! What an amazing Sunday here at International Pentecostal Church. Just God continues to show up and move in just mighty ways. He always, always, always just takes over, and just has His way. Today was not any different, we learned that freedom is the truth in God’s kingdom. That Jesus came to set us all free, every one of us, if we desire and choose freedom we will receive freedom.

But, freedom is a daily choice I have to make, “I can choose slavery”, or “I can choose freedom”. Every one of us has that opportunity every day to say, “Hey, I enjoy freedom, I’m going to stay there”, or “I don’t enjoy my freedom, I’m going to go back to slavery”. But who in their right mind would even make that choice, “I’m going to go back to slavery”, nobody in their right mind would even make that decision to want to be a slave. None of us wants to be a slave, but yet our actions and our choices put us right back into slavery.

Position yourself for freedom

The same slavery that God delivers us from is the same slavery we put ourselves in. And so I’m not in that place to where I’m gonna continue to live in slavery but i’m putting myself in the place where i’m gonna live in freedom. I am choosing freedom everyday, and we learn today that we do that through building relationships with God and with the family of God.

Maintain relationships

So here at IPC, we make such a huge point to build relationships within the family. Because we know, that true transformation comes through a two-part relationship. One: Relationship with God and Two: Relationship with God’s Body, with the church, with the family.

And I’m so thankful for the freedom that we experienced today. I celebrate the freedom of this country, but I also celebrate the incredible freedom in God’s presence, and His kingdom that we all have, and we can all experience. So today let’s make that choice, I’m no longer a slave to sin, but I have been made free through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I’m going to choose to continue to live in my freedom.

Click here for a quick thought from Josiah Rodriguez on “No Longer Being Slaves”.



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