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International Pentecostal Church (IPC) is associated with the United Pentecostal Church International organization (UPCI). We are committed to reaching communities around the world and our goal is to help you and your church family grow closer to your God-given purpose.

The Vision

IPC Global is an initiative of the International Pentecostal Church (IPC) as the church body begins to establish its global reach. IPC desires to spread the pure gospel of Christ to the world. IPC Global makes worldwide attempts to help Christians all around the world grow into a mature relationship with Christ by utilizing spiritual disciplines and effective kingdom culture in every global congregation. Establishing “kingdom-minded culture”, globally in diverse ethnicities requires clear and proven strategies that can work in each diverse global demographic. IPC Global addresses the establishment of “kingdom culture” in a seven-phase process.

Our 7 Phase Strategy for Growth & Revival

1 | Introductory Meeting

The Global Pastor and the local church pastor will meet via video chat to determine if a partnership could potentially work. In this introductory meeting, the subject church pastor will decide on becoming a global partner with International Pentecostal Church.Our mission is to make sure all young people and children get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is.

2 | Vision Casting

Phase two is the first introduction with the IPC Global team and the prospective pastor via a video chat meeting. During this time, the global team will establish the vision for kingdom culture around the world. We will cast vision, with the subject pastor, on the potential of what God could do through this partnership. During this phase, we will prepare and strategize dates and times for an in-person visit from the IPC Global team. During transition between phases two and three, IPC Global will send book materials to the local partner to begin the development of IPC kingdom of God culture.

3 | Leadership Training

Phase three is an in-person meet and greet between the IPC Global team and local host Pastor. This is where the IPC kingdom of God culture begins to take shape in the local church as the Global team begins to teach the local church leadership the desired kingdom culture. This phase occurs over a 4 to 5 day regional visit where the Global team will asses the local church's needs and desires.

4 | Assessment

The Global team will return home to discuss the needs of the newly partnered church with the IPC ministiry teams and prepare to meet those needs. Any assistance that is needed will be attempted to be met by the IPC homebase to help the subject church run effectively as the International Pentecostal Church of their region.

5 | Team Building

The IPC Global team returns to the global partner to execute the development plan. This 4 to 6 day visit will further develop and train the team leaders of the global partner. The IPC Global team will also assist the partner church in preparation for an IPC event (crusade, concerts, etc.) This phase exists as an opportunity for IPC to become a "community church". Evangelism and exposure are necessary ingredients to have a successful event.

6 | Maintenance

This phase is all about maintenance as we help and assist global partnerships maintain the growth and IPC Kingdom Culture created in phases 2 through 5. We will have a strong focus on continued leadership development through teaching and online seminars via Zoom meetings. Through a series of correspondence, we will continue to address the needs and concerns of the global partner church.

7 | Multiplication

This phase creates space for the global partner to obtain maturity through the process of multiplication. IPC Global desires for all its partners to duplicate themselves in areas of their region. It's the belief of IPC Global to not remain in "infancy", but must reach, through spiritual development and giftings, maturity in Christ. IPC Global will continue to invest in the partnership with more Zoom meetings and regional special events that may occur annually.

IPC Bohol (Philippines)
  • IPC Nigeria (in development)
  • IPC Madagascar (in development)
  • IPC Bellflower (HQ, United States)
  • IPC Guatemala (in development)
  • IPC Nicaragua (in development) 

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