International Pentecostal Church


Upon completing First Steps, the Next Steps class is made available for those who are interested in growing further in their process of discipleship. Although none obtain righteousness unto themselves, we seek Jesus, and He provides righteousness through His death on the cross.

We at IPC desire to grow in Christ, and we believe that every one of us has a Next Step in Christ. The Next Step program provides a learning opportunity for individuals to develop into disciples of Christ through the process of 4 steps.

The Next Steps are broken up into 4 different classes

Next Steps classroom

First Step

Walking Through the Bible” with Pastor, this class will cover the most basic stories, concepts, and teachings from Genesis to Revelation. It’s a Beginner’s Class.
Bro Jesse Woodrow Next Steps

Second Step

Bearing Much Fruit is a class on the next step of Christian growth. It is meant to focus on the New Believer and maintaining a relationship with Jesus.

Bro Burns Next Steps

Third Step

Rooted. Why do we worship, praise, and pray the way we do? What are these terms being used and why do they matter? Well, they do and in this class, we’ll cover the Pentecostal Doctrine, and why we believe what we believe.
Students Next Steps

Fourth Step

Built-Up. What comes after learning all of these things? Now we must discover our purpose and ministry in the Kingdom of God.

The Process

The Next Steps program runs in duration of 32 weeks, each class takes 8 weeks to complete. The Next Step classes meet every Tuesday at 7:30pm. By the conclusion of the entire program, the attendees will possess a stronger connection to God and their purpose in Him. After all, we never stop growing or learning, the day we do, we die.

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