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Acoustic Worship

Spirit & Soul

The Christian music of husband and wife duo, Robert and Suleen Menchaca, as they produce acoustic soul music in Bellflower, California. The couple are also singers, musicians, and song writers in The Ethnos Collective.


While Robert and Suleen were born and raised in different states, the Lord’s perfect plan brought them together in marriage on November 16th, 2019. The couple both felt a calling of ministry in their lives. At the age of 14, after leaving her home in Hawaii, Suleen served as a worship leader to the Marshallese community in California. Robert provided his talents as a bass player for his local church in Modesto, California.

In 2009, Robert decided to move down to Southern California and found himself committing to International Pentecostal Church in Bellflower. Always working to improve his musical abilities, he practiced the acoustic guitar. This opened the door for him to connect with his now wife and music partner, Suleen.

The duo has never been shy about collaborating with other artists to improve their songs. They have enjoyed featuring several singers and musicians in their songs with the ultimate desire of bringing their audience closer to God and experiencing His full and good nature.

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