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Substance Abuse Program

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Breaking the Chains of Addiction

Welcome to our A.C.T.S. ministry (Alcoholic Chemical Treatment Series) which is a faith-based alternative to Alcoholic and Narcotics Anonymous, as well as 12-Step programs.

The program takes place every Monday at International Pentecostal Church (except for Holidays) at the Bellflower campus starting at 6:30 PM.

Alcohol & Chemical Treatment

This program instructs the individual on how to return God to His rightful place within your life.  When God is not the center and the circumference of an individual’s life, it has negative effects resulting in unintended consequences.  These effects can manifest themselves emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually, causing a person to spiral out of control.  The A.C.T.S.  program assists the person in restoring balance and self-worth. Dealing with chains of addictions in life can often cause you to lose control of your life and your circumstances.  The A.C.T.S. program instructs the individual on how to regain control of their life and move toward restoration. The A.C.T.S.program provides support in a safe & secure, confidential, compassionate environment for a successful recovery for yourself, positively affecting those you love and those who love you. A.C.T.S. Provides support and cares for individuals and their family members from all walks of life.  We also provide progress reports for probationers if required.

Anger Management 

This 12-week course is an educational and spiritual approach to understanding and correcting compulsive/addictive behavior. R&R helps individuals Release emotions of rebellion, resentment, bitterness, malice, guilt, depression, fear, and insecurity to overcome negative emotions and Refocus on positive emotions such as Love, Trust, and Forgiveness. RESOLVE THE PAST Throughout the series, the participant deals with unresolved situations and learns perspective and attitude modification that facilitates growth and change. Trust, Love, and Forgiveness are the important steps to maintaining growth and change.

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence class offers a Faith-Based look into how the Lord directs us through His word on how to handle the root causes of bitterness, rage, and conflict prevention. We define what conflict resolution is and how to recognize the triggers that produce conflict and the uncontrollable urges and actions leading to domestic violence. Domestic Violence class offers an open form into conflict resolution and how to facilitate a peaceful end to the conflict without seeking retribution.  Also, we address how to communicate feelings, hurts, and disappointments of the heart without developing a recipe for conflict. We’ll discuss the following conflict, what keeps your heart from a negative focus.  Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Impossible! Unrealistic! No way! People can’t love their enemies—at least that’s the assumption. Yet, the Greek word agape, translated as “love” in this passage, by definition means “a commitment to seek the highest good of another person.” 

Parenting Class

This parenting class seeks to fulfill the needs of parents doing their best and a busy road to be the best parents through example.

 There is nothing about becoming a parent that prepares you for the actual days in and out of raising a child, whether that child is a baby, toddler, middle schooler, or teenager. Our parenting class helps parents approach every developmental stage in their child’s life with knowledge and the necessary tools to navigate the path of parenthood successfully. 

Our parenting class also serves as a support group for parents of troubled children. We are here to help! 


We are so excited to offer this new class to help anyone who has experienced the trauma associated with abortion. More details to follow.

Our Credentials

All of our ACTS teams are state certified. We are court-approved and go through a training course through “ Life in Focus.” If you have a heart for souls and work in the ministry of the hurting and families, this is the place to serve. We are always in need of more instructors. If you have patience and are willing to go through the process, sign up, and let’s talk about this. We are also in need of Spanish Speaking Instructors. You can start this process today!

Join the ACTS Team


Our program is growing! And as we grow, there is a need for Counseling. If you are a minister or a licensed counselor and have 1 hour of free time. Please sign up, and we will meet with you for further details.

Childcare Giver

Seeking a mature, responsible, Holy Ghost-filled lady to help with Childcare experience (background check required). Families have been discouraged from participating in our program because we do not offer childcare. We seek willing vessels, and we will go over all details further upon inquiry.  

Serving & Kitchen Duties

Food will be given to be distributed. We can discuss the details in full. Must have the heart to serve in this area.

Contact Us

Whether you would like to attend our court-approved and licensed classes or be a part of our amazing ACTS staff, we would love to hear from you. You can email us by clicking on this link.

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