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V Reyes

Vocalist in The Ethnos Collective and CCM recording artist in the International Pentecostal Church family.



Yvonne V Reyes has been singing since she could talk. She wrote her first song when she was 9 and performed it at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado. She then took the stage as a teenager with her father who played saxophone and flute in a local blues/swing band. In her early twenties, she opened up for musical icons such as: BB King, James Brown, ZZ Top, and Bad Company (to name a few) and toured with recording artist Jonny Lang. Yvonne has written and recorded music for a Vin Deisel film, as well as done vocal demos for songwriting legend Diane Warren. She now writes and records her own music and has two albums “Higher Calling” (2010), and “Show Me Love” (2012), and three singles “Glory” (2013), “Oceans” (2016), and “Overcomer” (2017).

In 2003, V met Jonny Lang through her friend Reeve Carney who played guitar in her band at the time. Jonny and his family shared their faith with V and became her second family. V gave her life to the Lord and experienced major healing and deliverance on March 23rd, 2003 when she was filled with the baptism of the holy spirit. It was nothing short of divine for her to be discipled by her musical hero and his family and to know such loving, compassionate, anointed, and extraordinary people. They made being a Christian seem like the most supernatural and exciting thing on earth which was the way God probably intended. V recalls having dreams that she would one day meet her favorite musician and those dreams ended up having prophetic meaning once they were fulfilled. God continues to fascinate V with His miracles and mercy and she lives to help others find the joy and fulfillment she has found in her purpose and relationship with God. Touring with Jonny in 2005 has been the highlight of V’s musical career and has helped prepare her for all that God has for her ahead.

V is currently working on her 3rd album and lives in Monrovia, CA with her son Josiah and husband, former Hollywood actor turned evangelist Jesse Woodrow.

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